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Gold-plated schemes, such as as those enjoyed by civil servants, are virtually extinct outside of the public sector.

Essex, Robert Devereux, Earl of, 1591-1646 -- Poetry -- Early works to 1800

This anomaly is increasingly controversial particularly as the "final salary" schemes tend to be restricted to civil servants, doctors, judges and other groups generally supported by the taxpayer. But taking Sir Robert's pension as an example, what can be done to limit the impact of this "pension suptertax"? However, because final salary schemes are linked to inflation, the pension will now be worth slightly more, said Mrs Trott, as inflation is going up.

DWP at the House of Commons Pensions & Works Committee

Under the rules of the Civil Service pension scheme the tax-free lump sum is three times the value of the annual pension. Other final salary schemes will use a different formula to calculate the sum, while most modern defined contribution plans will use a flat 25pc.

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This is either 55pc of the excess, if taken as a lump sum, or 25pc if taken as income. Y et by using a quirk of the Civil Service plan he could avoid the charge entirely, she added. The scheme allows members to take a greater proportion of their pension as a lump sum if they choose.

Of course, the larger lump sum would count as part of his estate for inheritance tax purposes, said Mrs Trott. But by giving the money away and surviving a further seven years he could effectively push it outside of his estate. Sir Robert is in his early 60s and may live for many more decades. This needs to be born in mind when increasing the slice of cash he takes at the outset.

Written by Tho.

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English London : Printed by T. Pauls Church-yard, [] , by Henry Reynolds and 43 B. Deacon, at the Angel in Gilt-spur-street, [?

  1. Step Into Your Authority: A Poetic Expression.
  2. Author:Robert Devereux.
  3. A crowded caseload?
  4. A collection of new epigrams Vol. London : printed by T. Hodgkin; and are to be sold by Matth. Written both to men and ladies.

    A new poem. Where gentlemen and ladies may pick novels at 6 s.

    File:Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of - Wikimedia Commons

    By An. Wherevnto is added, The passionate mans pilgrimage. London : Printed by T.

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    With allowance. Coles, T. Vere, J.

    Robert Devereux, 2nd earl of Essex

    Wright, and J. Clarke, [? The first whereof are, aries [sic] for 4. The second are pauens, galiards, almaines, toies, igges, thumpes and such like, for two basse-viols, the lierway, so made as the greatest number may serue to play alone, very easie to be performde. Composed by Thomas Ford.

    Works of Robert Devereux Works of Robert Devereux
    Works of Robert Devereux Works of Robert Devereux
    Works of Robert Devereux Works of Robert Devereux
    Works of Robert Devereux Works of Robert Devereux
    Works of Robert Devereux Works of Robert Devereux

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