Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition)

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Saturday, 17 December I need thee! OK, the year is ending and I would be very thankful to get some feedback from you. What would you like to read more about in this blog? Please, take a minute to click on the topics that interest you the most or, if you don't see what you were looking for, send me a message at desarrollo.

And here you have the Paraponera clavata or Hormiga 24 24 hour ant, after the time you'll have to endure pair if it bites you. Labels: readers , Venezuela's nature. I am sure Miranda has one of the highest levels within Venezuela. Kudos to the education team of the Miranda government. For the last couple of years I have been trying, together with other Venezuelans, to promote the implementation of the PISA programme for our country.

We asked the national government on several occassions to let Venezuela take part. It refused. It ignored us. The current government hates transparency and open, real debate it prefers parallel monologues. The government of Miranda, led by opposition politician Henrique Capriles, accepted the challenge and got the pupils from Miranda-controlled schools tested by the OECD. What are the results? They are very much in line with what I expected.

Perhaps they are a little bit better than my expectations, actually. Venezuelan pupils do worse in maths than other Latin American pupils, which is something I very much expected, as I have written earlier. With these results you can understand to some extent what kind of problems we are facing Although Miranda is a very varied region, with highly skilled people next to people with little formal education, rich and poor to very poor neighbourhoods, it is still close to the capital and thus closer to a strong flow of ideas.

Miranda is also governed by civilians from the opposition and not by a military government.

This is a good start in order to bring about transparency to education in Venezuela. I will be posting a lot about this in the next weeks. I NOW got some more feedback about the problem with the standards: apparently the Chavez government did not suply the required information that PISA also needed to make a better comparison.

Shame on Chavismo. Labels: alternative , education in Venezuela , ideas for Venezuela , interior. In Venezuela and in the Spanish history Ehinger was mostly known as Alfinger. That's a very rare name in Germany. He arrived to the Land of Grace as first governor of the Welser concession in He had been plundering, exploring, plundering, exploring, making friends and foes through terra incognita to Europeans, across some incredibly harsh regions.

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From history we know Europeans started settling Western Venezuela in Coro, with Ampies and the Welser, but they soon left that arid place and moved to more fertile areas along the El Tocuyo River up to Carora and from El Tocuyo to Nueva Valencia and ultimately towards Caracas. I analyzed the electoral records we have from Venezuela. This is weird. Below you see the distribution of voters per state with the very strange name Alfinger. Each dot represents a voter with that surname. It would be interesting to check out their Y haplotype.

Surnames were becoming customary in the Spanish world earlier than in other regions. Still, Venezuela back then was not a place where Europeans tended to marry and register long-term relationships with native Americans. And yet it seems as if some people started to use that very distinct surname in one of the regions where that Conquistador was active. Did they just take over that name as remembrance of a myth? Or were they indeed the descendants of that Southern German Conquistador?

Die Studenten wollen sie nicht. Mehr Infos auf Englisch hier. Labels: attacks against democracy , Chavismo , elections , Venezuela auf Deutsch. Labels: Chavez , elections , Venezuela auf Deutsch. Labels: Venezuelan music. So: in Zulia, to the West, 1 out of 23 inhabitants was a pupil.

The Resilience of Venezuelan Authoritarianism

Considering the age distribution of Venezuela back then, it means just a tiny minority of children was going to school. In the Llanos the situation was much worse, though.

In Barinas, for instance, only 1 out of persons was at that moment going to school. In the Delta to the East , it was only 1 out of The average child had almost 5 more chances to be attending school if he was living in or around Caracas, Valencia or Maracaibo than in the Llanos or many other places.

Die Krise eskaliert

And still most were not going to school. Only my maternal grandmother, living close to Valencia, went to school - for two full years. My other grandmother was illiterate and my grandfather had a similar education as my maternal grandmother - who was single parent. The situation improved a lot after , specially quantitatively. My parents, like most others, profited from that. Still, the difference between the average level in Caracas and a few other places and the "countryside" was and still is enormous.


And what many people don't understand: that "countryside" is now full of middle-size cities. It's no longer just rural but home to millions Labels: education in Venezuela , history of Venezuela , interior. Today Transparency International produced its yearly report And uet: we are just second worst. Haiti beat us to it. Venezuela is more corrupt than other countries now. Labels: corruption. Scarlet star Email This BlogThis!

Venezuela-Europa: May

The Guzmania lingulata is a plant you can find in tropical Central and South America, including Venezuela. Labels: Venezuela's nature. Unsere kleine Umfrage ergab folgendes:. Es handelt sich um Milliarden Dollar.

Es geht einfach nicht. Labels: alternative , China , corruption , sustainable development , Venezuela auf Deutsch. Doing some automatic processing on Venezuela's electoral records can be fun. You will see in the first chart the voters' distribution per surname and birth year in the Eastern state of Sucre. The second chart has the distribution for the Western state of Zulia.

Labels: history of Venezuela , interior. Wednesday, 23 November Hat ein Deutscher dies geklaut oder wirklich "mit Zustimmung" bekommen? Zur Zeit befindet sich dieser Stein in im Berlin-Tiergarten. Labels: first Nations , Venezuela auf Deutsch , Venezuelan culture. Minister for Foreign Affairs Nicolas Maduro declared the current Venezuelan government supports Carlos, the Jackal, in everything it can. Chavez had more than once said the Jackal is a revolutionary fighter.

Venezuela's most notorious terrorists sits here I wish this government would support other Venezuelans abroad in the same way even if they are not terrorists. I would actually prefer the Venezuelan government to support Venezuelans in Venezuela, the country in South America with the highest murder rate by far Zeuskes Vater, Max Zeuske, war auch Historiker Er schrieb u. Zeuske junior hat auch in der DDR studiert. Man kann aber schon seine Stellung zur politischen Lage in Venezuela in seinen Texten erfahren.

Die Regierung Venezuelas hat seit vielen Jahrzehnten ab und zu den Bolivarkult auch im Ausland promoviert. Zeuske bei der Botschafterin Blancanieve Portocarrero, an diesem interessanten Projekt. Labels: history of Venezuela , Venezuela auf Deutsch. Labels: alternative , attacks against democracy , Venezuela auf Deutsch.

As I mentioned, this Monday there will be a debate among the pre-candidates of the Alternative Forces. If you want, you can try to suggest a question on education, security or employment to the twitter account Debate14N Venezuelans have really no experience on debate, so this is going to be fun.

Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition) Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition)
Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition) Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition)
Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition) Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition)
Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition) Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition)
Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition) Venezuela unter Chávez - Immer noch eine Demokratie? (German Edition)

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