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This species takes two years to mature. The adults of the oak twig pruner fly about the time the oak leaves are beginning to form, and deposit eggs near the tips of twigs. The young larvae mine down the stems, increasing in size, until late summer. They spend the first winter within the twig usually near a node or thickened area. They resume feeding the second season and soon begin their pruning cuts beneath the bark.

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Larvae cut around the branch except for the thin bark so that the branches break with the wind and fall to the ground. The larvae remain in the fallen branches for up to several months, pupating in the fall.

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Adults emerge the following spring. Damage is most noticeable in alternate years.

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Experiments Discover hundreds of short films and learning materials for ages Explore Experiments resources. Human Geography Discover hundreds of short films and learning materials for ages Explore Human Geography resources. Volume: Counting Stars Watch sample Maths film.

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Maths Discover hundreds of short films and learning materials for ages Explore Maths resources. Physics Discover hundreds of short films and learning materials for ages Explore Physics resources.

What Twig offers you. Films and learning materials Download Twig's complete film list. Curriculum-matched resources See the Curriculum View tool. Glossary of scientific terms See the Science Glossary. Why choose Twig for your classroom Offers tailor-made teaching tools Encourages cross-curricular learning Makes teaching easier Supports differentiated learning Keeps your students engaged Delivers flexible resources Helps your students explore the world Works with your curriculum x Offers tailor-made teaching tools Twig films and learning materials are easy-to-use, flexible and designed to save you time.

Slot them into your existing lessons plans or use them as inspiration for future lessons.

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Twig films use examples from real life to demonstrate how different topics, and even subjects, connect outside of the classroom. Instead, the Twig website can be accessed anywhere, whether at school or at home, making it easy to find the right resources for your next lesson. While one student watches a Twig film for a second time, another can use the Twig Mindmap and extension questions to explore further and extend their knowledge. Before any of our films are made we consult with teachers to ensure that the right learning objectives are covered.

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Twig Newsdesk Make your teaching topical with news articles and related Twig films. Bears on the Moon?! Oct 21, Did you know there are bears on the Moon?!

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