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Ex: Genial great - Sounds like "he-nial" Gigante giant - Sounds like "hee - gan-teh".

Spanish Grammar Guide

Ex: Gato cat - Sounds like "ga-toh" Guacamole Mexican avocado sauce - Sounds like "gwa-ka-mo-leh" Gota drop - Sounds like "goh-tah" Guapa pretty - Sounds like "gwa-pah". Guerra war - sounds like "geh-rah" Guitarra guitar - sounds like "gee-ta-ra". If I can achieve that strong sound with a "g", usually we choose the "g". However, there are a few cases when we'd use the "j". The most important rule is words ending in the following have a -j:.

Spanish Grammar Guide

Ex: Cena dinner - sounds like "theh-nah" Cine cinema - sounds like "thee-ne". Ex: Cuna crib - sounds like "Ku-nah" Cocina kitchen - sounds like "koh-cee-nah" Cara face - sounds like "kah-rah". The "z", just like the "j" on the previous rule, it always has the same sound, a "th" sound, no matter what vowel is after. Ex: Zapato shoe - sounds like "thah-pa-toh" Zona zone -sounds like "thoh-na" Zumbido buzzing - sounds like "thum-bee-doh".

Spanish Spelling Changing Verbs in Sentences - SpanishLearningLab

Ex: Queso cheese - sounds like "keh-soh" Quien who -sounds like "kee-en". The "u" is the only difference that makes this combination possible, so you need to ignore this "u". Those two dots are like a mark for you to know to pronounce it.

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Ex: Querer to want - sounds like "keh-rer" Quince fifteen - sounds like "keen-theh". Please, don't stress about this. If you don't know how to pronounce it, do it like a single, English like "r" and everybody will understand you.

Distinctions between languages often follow predictable patterns

The strong "r" is the r at the beginning or the double "rr" in the middle. The last "r" is strong but not so much.

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Ex: Anillo ring - sound like "a-nee-yo" flequillo fringe - sounds like "fleh-kee-yo". This letter is the probably the most representative of the Spanish language.

Sounds similar to a "nh". Ex: Bizcocho sponge cake - sounds like "beeth-ko-tso" Mochila backpack - sounds like "mo-tsee-la".

enter site Last but not least, the poor muted "h". The "h", when it goes by itself, it doesn't sound, it's never pronounced.

Main Rules for Spanish Spelling and Pronunciation

It was great to get to know some of them. And the work itself was fascinating. The main difference was volume. In my own teaching I never have to grade than a couple of dozen papers at a time, or for more than a few hours at a time. It felt strange to be reading essays with a completely blank slate instead of knowing who the students were.

Normally I grade with red pen in hand, pointing out different types of errors for students to fix in a second draft. A final difference was the type of Spanish in the essays. See this earlier blog post for historical examples of the same errors.

European Spanish Pronunciation, Video 3: Spanish Spelling Rules

The good folks from the College Board did a phenomenal job administering the grading process. This involved recruiting, transporting, housing, and feeding the graders; keeping track of the exam papers; and — most importantly — training the graders so that our scores were calibrated. We spent hours learning how to grade each of the two writing tasks, following a detailed rubric, and had refresher training sessions after each break.

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Each table of seven graders had a head grader who answered our questions and spot-checked our work. As far as I could see, colleges evaluating AP test results should feel confident that the scores are reliable. It was well received, and I sold the few spare copies of my book that I had with me. Ni se deben considerar irregularidades, porque son predecibles. Spanish has an impressive quantity of other such spelling changes. I recently made a list of all of them to share with you in their orthographic glory. That is, any word spelled like these would undergo the same changes.

Unas consonantes tienen dos escrituras posibles. The simplicity of Spanish spelling is one reason why the majority of American students choose to study Spanish instead of a language with more complicated spelling, like French, not to mention Chinese or Arabic. Spanish is completely phonetic in the first regard, and mostly in the second.

The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling The Rules of Spanish Spelling
The Rules of Spanish Spelling

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