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He got on very well with Prince Charles and he adored the Queen Mother.

Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon

After Margaret's first unhappy love affair, the Queen wanted her sister to be happy and the public, who were pleased to see Margaret settle down, were eventually supportive too. On May 6, , the couple's became the first royal marriage to be broadcast on television. According to The Daily Express , it attracted over million viewers around the world.

After they returned from a six-week honeymoon aboard the royal yacht Britannia , the newlyweds moved into Kensington Palace. Armstrong-Jones was given the title Earl of Snowdon and in , they welcomed their first child, David , into the family.

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Their daughter Sarah was born three years later in what was a happy time in their relationship. They [were] very close in the first few years. But there was more to the rift than a clash of personalities. By , Snowdon had been appointed artistic advisor to The Sunday Times, a role he took seriously. She expected her husband to be with her more, but one of Tony's strongest motivations was work. He had a workshop in the basement of Kensington Palace, and while she was understanding of his work commitments, Margaret didn't realize it would take him away from her so much.

Lord Snowdon, his women, and his love child

After Sarah's birth, there were signs the royal marriage had started to crumble. According to The Evening Standard , Snowdon started having casual flings while he was away on photographic assignments, while Margaret had a brief relationship with Snowdon's university friend Anthony Barton, and later with Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 18 years her junior. In , Snowdon embarked on an extramarital affair with Lady Jacqueline Rufus-Isaacs, which despite her own infidelities, upset Margaret greatly.

They weren't revenge affairs, she just wanted to feel desired. After years of infidelity the couple separated in Back in England, blurry photos of Margaret and a man 17 years her junior created a gossip-fueled scandal. The man was Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener and aristocrat. The photos, which showed them in bathing suits, were taken as proof that Margaret had preyed on a much younger man.

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Margaret had met her lover through Tennant and his wife, Anne. Soon, Llewellyn and Margaret were inseparable. Straddling legitimate news and entertainment coverage, tabloid newspapers had become big business by the second half of the 20th century. And the British royal family was a beloved subject of the gossip rags. In reality, Margaret was deeply unhappy in her marriage, and her relationship with Llewellyn was a rare spot of solace. Snowdon had conducted multiple extramarital affairs, and Margaret felt lonely within her marriage.

Though her family had cheered on her relationship with a commoner, the reality of their marriage was different from what Margaret, who had grown up in a rarefied royal environment, expected.

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While she went through the usual round of official functions, Snowdon worked full-time as a photographer for the Sunday Times , and was openly unfaithful to her. By the late s, husband and wife were distant. Unable to Load Delivery Dates. Enter an Australian post code for delivery estimate.

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Snowdon: the Biography

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Snowdon: The Biography Snowdon: The Biography
Snowdon: The Biography Snowdon: The Biography
Snowdon: The Biography Snowdon: The Biography
Snowdon: The Biography Snowdon: The Biography
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Snowdon: The Biography Snowdon: The Biography

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