Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)

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He hurried past, and Killian swore he smelled smoke on his clothes, and figured the man had needed a cigarette before doing his job. He felt as if he wanted to roll a smoke himself. Killian followed the hangman across the street, and took up his position at the side of the gallows, right where his horse was tethered next to another one. He made his way over to his saddlebag to find himself some tobacco and his dreambook — pack of papers to roll with.

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He age looked to be somewhere between hay and grass. Not a boy, but not yet a man either. He was short and thin-boned and had no stubble at all upon his face. His dark hair fell part way down to his shoulders in an odd sort of twist, and his face was smudged with lots of dirt.

His clothes were also two sizes too big for his body.

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He definitely had to be a guttersnipe — homeless and sleeping in the streets. Then the boy lowered his voice an octave and continued to talk. He struck a match on the bottom of his boot and lit it, all the while his eyes staying narrowed as he watched the boy. The boy just looked the other way. Then he took a drag of his rolled quirley and blew smoke into the air. He heard the sound of footsteps behind him of the prisoner being led up to the gallows by the executioner.

Tag realised that he was outnumbered as he returned at last to Landry, Wyoming.

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There were too many on Spur Award-winning Author Alex Longmire very early earned a reputation for being fast with a gun. He never hired out his ability, but his reputation served to isolate him from everyone. When an attack against Alex by Rod Zellman ends with Zellman's d When rancher Nick Kenyon, during a devastating drought, diverts the remaining water to his ranch, Walt Rand, the owner of the Double R ranch who is tired of Nick's troublemaking and greed, decides to take him down in a hail of bullets. One of the recurring themes of Lewis B. Patten's work has long been justice in the Old West.

In "Blood on the Grass," Barton Pruitt returns to Arapahoe, intent on ranching on what had been his father's spread. But that doesn't sit well with the giant Young Ernie Waymire inherits his father's bitterness toward the Hunnicutts when his fiancee, Irene Hunnicutt, betrays him; Matt Hurst seeks justice when a sheriff's posse kills his father and brothers Three exciting short novels by the master of frontier fiction capture the wild spirit of the Old West and include Summer Kill, in which two sons seek revenge against the man who brutally murdered their father during a nighttime trail ride.

Now you can exp It was seven years since Dan Youngerman had ridden with his brother Sam in the infamous Youngerman gang.

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Dan Youngerman was on the other side of the fence now, as lawman in a peaceful Kansas town. But that peace was ending.


The Youngerman gang was r When the Apache Kid, a notoriously vicious killer, escapes from jail, he seeks revenge on Frank Healey, the professional Indian scout who captured him, by using Healey's young wife to lure him into a deadly confrontation The appearance of a riderless horse in Unionville was the first sign of trouble.

Sheriff Condon recognized it instantly as the stage guard's horse, and when he noticed the bloodstained saddle he began to fear the worst. Condon's fiancee, Lucy, was on Patten is truly a master of Western fiction. Here are two of his finest short novels, resto Mart Joliffe and his pa owned the Tincup cattle ranch high in the Colorado storm country, up near the Utah border.

When sheep rancher John Robineau moved his sheep herd onto Tincup graze land, trouble wasn't far behind. Marshal August Cragg suspicious about the local townsfolk, and in Sunblade, a land-hungry range owner is targeted by his worst enemy--his son. Fifteen-year-old Frank Halliday's life is placed in jeopardy by a well-meant provision in his father's will which states that his long-time foreman, who has helped raise Frank, will inherit the ranch if Frank should die before he reaches the age of Slade Teplin was said to have killed sixteen men, and he was not yet thirty.

Today Teplin was returning home. The little town of Cottonwood Springs wasn't preparing a friendly reception. They waited and wondered -- why was Slade coming back after all Robert E. Arroyo Blanco County was a powder keg of bottled-up resentment and potential murder. The scorching sun and deadly drought were felling the cattle like flies and, very soon now, Adam Guthrie was going to foreclose on the bedeviled ranchers.

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One man st Frank Healy, and Indian scout, had made plen ty of enemies. But no one hated him more than the vicious Ap ache Kid. When the Kid escaped from prison and kidnapped Hea ly''s wife, Healy knew he was the intended victim. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Home Shadow of the Gallows The Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Leading off from the south-west corner is the Vennel , on the east side of which can still be seen some of the best surviving parts of the Flodden and Telfer town walls.

The view to the north, dominated by the castle, has long been a favourite subject of painters and photographers, making it one of the iconic views of the city. First mentioned in the Registrum Magni Sigilii Regum Scotorum as "the street called Newbygging [new buildings] under the castle", the Grassmarket was, from , one of Edinburgh's main market places , a part of which was given over to the sale of horse and cattle the name apparently deriving from livestock grazing in pens beyond its western end.

Daniel Defoe, who visited Edinburgh in the s, reports the place being used for two open air markets: the "Grass-market" and the "Horse-market". Of the West Bow at the north-east corner, considerably altered in the Victorian period, he wrote, "This street, which is called the Bow, is generally full of wholesale traders, and those very considerable dealers in iron, pitch, tar, oil, hemp, flax, linseed, painters' colours, dyers, drugs and woods, and such like heavy goods, and supplies country shopkeepers, as our wholesale dealers in England do.

And here I may say, is a visible face of trade; most of them have also warehouses in Leith , where they lay up the heavier goods, and bring them hither, or sell them by patterns and samples, as they have occasion. As a gathering point for market traders and cattle drovers, the Grassmarket was traditionally a place of taverns, hostelries and temporary lodgings, a fact still reflected in the use of some of the surrounding buildings.

In the late 18th century the fly coach to London, via Dumfries and Carlisle, set out from an inn at the Cowgate Head at the eastern end of the market place. In her account of the visit Dorothy described it as "not noisy, and tolerably cheap". The market closed in when a new municipal slaughter house at Tollcross replaced the old shambles in the western half of the Grassmarket a road beyond the open market place which joins King's Stables Road.

An inscribed flagstone in the central pavement in front of the White Hart Inn indicates the spot where a bomb exploded during a Zeppelin raid on the city on the night of 2—3 April Eleven people were killed in the raid, though none at this particular spot. The Grassmarket was also a traditional place of public executions. A memorial near the site once occupied by the gibbet was created by public subscription in It commemorates over Covenanters who died on the gallows between and during the period known as The Killing Time.

Their names, where known, are recorded on a nearby plaque. One obdurate prisoner's refusal to escape death by swearing loyalty to the Crown prompted the snide remark by the Duke of Rothes that he had chosen to "glorify God in the Grassmarket". In the Grassmarket formed the backdrop to the Porteous Riots which ended in the lynching of a captain of the Town Guard. A plaque near the traditional execution site now marks the spot where an enraged mob brought Captain Porteous 's life to a brutal end.

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A popular story in Edinburgh is that of Margaret Dickson, a fishwife from Musselburgh who was hanged in the Grassmarket in for murdering her illegitimate baby shortly after birth. After the hanging, her body was taken back to Musselburgh on a cart.

Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)
Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)
Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)
Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)
Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)
Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)
Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns) Shadow of the Gallows (The Black Horse Westerns)

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