Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)

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Schneller Versand. Rechnung mit MwSt. OLeinen m. Size: 21 x 14 Cm. Items related to Markische Sagen: Berlin u. Mark Brandenburg German Ingeborg Hrsg. Drewitz Markische Sagen: Berlin u. Markische Sagen: Berlin u. Mark Brandenburg German Edition. Publisher: Diedrichs , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis 1. Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Berlin und Mark Brandenburg Ingeborg Hrsg. Published by Diedrichs Used Softcover Quantity Available: 1.

Seller Rating:. Seller Image. Published by Diederich, Used Quantity Available: 1. Mark Brandenburg. Drewitz, Ingeborg Hrsg. Link to the original German text: Der Jude im Dorn. The Golem was a man-and-magic-made monster created to protect Jews against the false accusations of ritual murder. Return to D. Ashliman's index of folklore and mythology electronic texts. The Jews' Stone Austria In the year in the village of Rinn in Tyrol a number of Jews convinced a poor farmer to surrender his small child to them in return for a large sum of money.

They took the child out into the woods, where, on a large stone, they martyred it to death in the most unspeakable manner. From that time the stone has been called the Jews' Stone. Afterward they hung the mutilated body on a birch tree not far from a bridge. The child's mother was working in a field when the murder took place.

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She suddenly thought of her child, and without knowing why, she was overcome with fear. Meanwhile, three drops of fresh blood fell onto her hand, one after the other. Filled with terror she rushed home and asked for her child. Her husband brought her inside and confessed what he had done.

He was about to show her the money that would free them from poverty, but it had turned into leaves. Then the father became mad and died from sorrow, but the mother went out and sought her child. She found it hanging from the tree and, with hot tears, took it down and carried it to the church at Rinn. It is lying there to this day, and the people look on it as a holy child. They also brought the Jews' Stone there. According to legend a shepherd cut down the birch tree, from which the child had hung, but when he attempted to carry it home he broke his leg and died from the injury.

Link to the original text: Der Judenstein. Return to the table of contents. The Jews gagged her to keep her from crying out, cut open her veins, and surrounded her in order to catch her blood with cloths. The child soon died from the torture, and they weighted her down with stones and threw her into the Enz River. A few days later little Margaret reached her little hand above the streaming water. A number of people, including the Margrave himself soon assembled.

Some boatmen succeeded in pulling the child out of the water. She was still alive, but as soon as she had called for vengeance against her murderers, she died. Suspicion fell upon the Jews, and they were all summoned to appear. As they approached the corpse, blood began to stream from its open wounds. The Jews and the old woman confessed the evil deed and were executed.

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The child's coffin, with an inscription, stands next to the bell rope near the entrance to the palace church at Pforzheim. Children of the members the boatmen's guild unanimously pass the legend from generation to generation that at that time the Margrave rewarded their ancestors by freeing them from sentry duty in the city of Pforzheim "as long as the sun and the moon continue to shine. This privilege applies even to this day. Pfefferkorn the Jew at Halle Germany In the year , or according to others , on September 13, the Wednesday following Saint Aegidius' Day, at the Jewish cemetery near Moritz Castle, Johann Pfefferkorn, a baptized Jew from Halle, after having been tortured with red-hot pincers, was bound to a column with a chain fastened around his body in such a manner that he could walk around the column.

Burning coals were place around him, then raked ever closer to him, until he was roasted and then burned to death. He had confessed that:. He had stolen three consecrated hosts. He had kept one of them, martyring and piercing it. The other two he had sold to the Jews. Having received one hundred guilder from the Jews, he had sworn an oath to them that he would poison Archbishop Albrecht of Magdeburg and Elector Joachim of Brandenburg, together with all of their court officials.

This very nearly happened, for he was in possession of poison at the time of his arrest.

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Likewise, to give poison to all the subjects of the Archbishoprics of Magdeburg and Halberstadt and to persecute them with arson. He had stolen two children, one of whom he sold to the Jews. He himself helped them to martyr and pierce the one child, so they could collect its blood to mix with their excrement. Because it had red hair, he gave the other one away without harming it. He had presented himself as a physician. However, instead of helping his patients, he gave them poison, thus killing fifteen people.

He had stolen a bound devil from a priest in Franconia, using it to practice sorcery. He later sold in for five guilders. He had poisoned wells. Source: J. There seems to be a chronological inconsistency in the chronology, because Saint Aegidius' Day is September 1.

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From that time forth no Jews have been allowed to enter Prussia, except to attend the Twelfth-Night Fair at Thorn, and even then they must be escorted and must wear a sign on their clothing so they can be recognized. The Bloody Children of the Jews Germany Between about and in many areas of Germany, for example in Brandenburg and in Mecklenburg, the Jews were committing all kinds of godless sins, especially the desecration of the holy sacrament. For this reason they were expelled from the country by their lords.

Duke Bogislav of Pomerania was among those who expelled the Jews, many of whom at that time were living at Damm near Stettin, at Bart, and in all the small towns in the country. Among these Jews there were a man and a woman who had themselves baptized. The Duke allowed them to stay, and they moved to the vicinity of Lake Trieb.

However, their baptism was only for the sake of appearance, and in reality they remained Jews. For this reason, they were visibly punished by God.

Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition) Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)
Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition) Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)
Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition) Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)
Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition) Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)
Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition) Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)
Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition) Sagen aus Brandenburg (German Edition)

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