Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)

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I personally helped fake his death. Kenny: Okay, are there any other ones we can eliminate from consideration? Bast: Yes I would suggest eliminating the five which are wrong.

Island of Silence

Think, man! It is definitely not answer three.

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If Rothfuss had chronoglacialis he would still be making more progress than he has. I think the casting of the spells, answer 6, is the only really likely explanation. There is a huge difference in hype between an ongoing trilogy and an ended one. Rothfuss, like Martin, is making a lot more money from his unfinished story than he would if it was concluded. Came back to laugh at the fact that Patrick has said the Kingkiller Chronicles is just a prologue. Any of you going to live long enough to finish this series, given the rate of which the books are released?


I hope so. Well, it seems that some people are upset, understandably so. I however, am not. I am just grateful that authors capable of creating such wondrous works of fantasy still exist. I want a great ending to a great story, I am tired of seeing unsatisfying endings to what would otherwise be excellent stories. Storytelling is an art, we should all be grateful that he has seen fit to share it with us.

I am not so purile as to give up on a Master Storyteller for my own lack of patience. Fangirls like you are the reason Patricks head swelled so much that he thinks normal people will wait a decade for book 3. There may be some truth to what you say. At least the story was at a decent stopping point. If these books truly are a prequel, I think I will stop with Kingkiller 3 and then after he has published another complete series I will read it. Read some Brandon Sanderson, my friend. Even Rothfuss acknowledges that he wishes he could be as good as him, and the man publishes about an average of three books per year—all pure perfection.

Patrick Rothfuss is very belligerent.

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Blackened damn, Rothfuss! Hahaha, good luck with that, mate. There are like 9 or so books already and they are great so far. Not sure how I missed them these past years. I want to agree. I get that impatient when I google the publications dates, , ,???. But his writing. Then I get to the last page of book 2 and I become Bast in the last scene standing over Rothfuss lol. My son and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting…and then to learn of the TV series…and now waiting…and still nothing.

I hit the point of no return today.

Yes i discover something new every time, but I would like to discover something new in the 3rd book and reread the entire series over and over. Not just a portion of the series leaving me bereft and wanting for an ending…. I one of the people who believe the delays for Martin and Rothfuss are due to the influence of the TV series. If you already know how it ends, some of the tension is lost. You know how it ends.

The beginning of silent reading changed Westerners’ interior life

Game of Thrones really exploits this well. Two authors in my entire life I have kicked to the curb due to huge waits between books in a series. Rothfuss and Martin. Bye guys, I missed you already, so I wont be missing you anymore! The only author I trust to finish any series at this point is Brandon Sanderson. That dude can crank out some content, quality content at that.

Create This Book 2 INTRODUCTION (Ep. 1)

Asher, particularly, is a favorite of mine. I just saw him scratching his ass and waving off questions on Newsweek about Doors of stone. Or maybe it is a money play. How insane is that. No way in hell, will I support a franchise from this.

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Dream on mate! I first started reading this series when I was laying in a hospital bed after being injured in Iraq. The first book was sent to me by a caring individual that I did not know. I read that book from cover to cover. Never wanting to put it down. As soon as I finished the book, I immediately ordered the second book. Never in all my years of reading has an author captured my imagination such as Patrick Rothfuss. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King had a span of almost 20 years and a near death experience before he finally finished the series.

Not just those 2 books.

Here, let me act all philantrophical in the meantime; with worldbuilders It appears like a ploy, with the primary intent of MONEY. Where can you get the most money in merchandise, TV shows, games, spinoffs etc. Get those directors , gamemakers xyz; milk them purple. And no its no Game of Thrones, if that what he is trying to make on par with.

I looking more into new fantasy authors now, who can actually deliver! His right to make us wait. His right to act like a child when it comes to his books. None of us would be offended if he turned it into a four or five part series I think…. All I feel when I think of kvothe is frustration, irritation, and disappointment.

Kvothe was interesting and a really wanted to see what would be revealed about the history of his character and how he got to where we had found him… but that was a DECADE ago. I feel that candle has burnt out. Kvothe could spend several more days telling the story amd then a final book with the last day completing the storey and idk… becoming king? He is a chump and money Grubbing whore. My father died of Cancer this last summer. He will never see the last book in the series. I survived it. I remember we both had chemo on the same day once.

He was in Texas, and I in Iowa. We called each other and actually spoke some of the books and many things. If the book is indeed finished as this thread suggests, I wish my father and possibly many fans who have possibly passed on could have read it.

Step 2. Create the “Table Read”

Not as some cheesy dying wishes, but as something that could have helped them in their last days. Simple joys, we all take for granted. Talking about a common book series with someone as your day was otherwise full of some suffering and harshness as the world reminds us of our own mortality.

I am good now. Some surgery, chemo treatments, and tons of tests, I am free for now. I get to play with my kids, go to work, and I am blessed. I keep these books from my kids for now. I let them read pretty much the rest of anything I own. I just tell them they are not finished and not worth starting until they are. They appear to get it for now. Hey there, brother.

Paradise Lost: Book 1

I can really appreciate your comment here. I also beat cancer a few years ago, with the docs telling me that the statistical chances I would live out the year were very low. I loved the first one. He made a big deal about it, really. Talk about eating your words. The second book was not what I expected when it finally arrived; I enjoyed it, but as oversized as it was, it still felt like a continuing preamble.

You know, the primary antagonists?

Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)
Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2) Mean People (Silent Thoughts Book 2)

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