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Of all the journeys a leader takes, the internal journey is the most arduous. Why did I write it? Well, no idealistic 18 year old sets out to be cynical, jaded and disconnected by age 35, yet it happens all the time. The Gospel is so much bigger than that. I would love nothing more than to see you thrive in life, leadership and in your walk with Christ.

Pink , NYT bestselling author. Be prepared by spending a little time with a leader who has already been there. I hope you can hear that this is borne not just out of frustration, but also out of love for God, for the church and for the world. Thank you for this post.

Maturing in your relationship with God part 1b

Especially about us turning a blind eye to some things like greed and gluttony. No one ever addressed the subject of over eating and making healthy choices in order to honor God with my body. I was 30 by the time I figured that out… And it was due to the whole self-love movement, not Christians. My heart breaks when I hear how Christians have made people feel about Jesus.


This is an issue I find particularly challenging. But As i continued to read this article it got me.

10 Signs You’re Maturing in Your Walk with God

In the two years so far many claim to be spiritually mature. See I stand with what Jesus said that you will know them by their fruits. But I stand strong with praying and submission only to the lord and not to man. Go to God first. Jesus said come to me all whom a weary and carry heavy burdens. And he will give you rest. They take their title and only stand with that. And they believe because they are mature in the faith they are mature spiritually. We need to take it back to how it was with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. The son of God. He was the most spiritually mature human that ever lived.

We need to take our standards from him and only him. We must continue to pray brethren for each other. May you all have a fruitful and blessed day. I want to read your book!!

The Christian Citizen

Look at how they treat each other! Jesus got angry at times when he took a stand, like overturning the tables in the temple. Only Christ is the master whom we strive to be like, but never attain. Blockage from the arteries accounts foor many serious conditions for example heartt attsck or stroke and is important in all sorts of minor ones like fatigue, breathlessness, edema, and poor memory. We have the classic tape, you have the self-adhesive baced photo corner, dry picture mounting technique, wet mounting method and spray mounting technique.

It is just a complete waste of time God has given us. It is a rare follower of Christ who has the 9 characters of the fruit chiseled into their memory; it is difficult to reach goals without having set established goals emblazoned in our minds. But, just like following a complicated cooking recipe, we need to have a checklist in our minds to CHOOSE the best action to take. We are just ignorant.

Carey, maybe I misunderstood, but I thought this article was challenging us to assess our own spiritual maturity, not to bludgeon others for their apparent lack. I often find myself revisiting Romans to be reminded of my need to surrender myself daily, not conforming to a worldly mindset, rather, being changed daily to become more like Christ measuring myself against His standard, not others and further cautioned to not think more highly of myself than I ought.

It is difficult to see myself as better than I am if I measure against Christ. I am not yet who I want to be, yet I recognize the progress God is making in me by the power of His Spirit working in me and I press on, knowing if I walk with God and pursue His will above my own, my will becomes more aligned with His will, my mind renewed, my life transformed, Christ glorified.

This is my prayer. I appreciate your work and pray God continue to bless your ministry as you glorify His Name. Outstanding Carey.

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Letter to Ephesus seems to indict them for extreme truth but no grace. I use Facebook a lot and wow some of the comments blast me for bringing up the lady caught in adultery and Jesus said, Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more. I was invited to a Spiritual Leadership meeting where we were all given a list of questions. The first question was: Are you producing all the fruits of the Holy Spirit on a regular basis? I had a feeling that answer would cause raised eyebrows so when it came to group sharing, I let others speak. Sure enough my group was agreed that they all did not produce fruit, hardly ever and they fell pretty pitiful with their fruit output.

They all said basically that they were all fruit impaired. They quizzed me for my response. I said I that I thought that I was aware of feeling like spiritual things were happening in my life and I believed that often spiritual things happened and I might not even notice. They all said yes. My hope was to demonstrate that the spirit of God that is alive in us, is going to bear fruit if we are seeking to serve an follow him.

What is going on?

1 Samuel 2:26

Are these people all being modest? Is it possible that dedicated life long believers think that Christ in them is bearing no fruit? Thank you, you expressed a lot of my thoughts, only with much more grace than the clatter in my head. My biggest sin issue as a new Christian — born again nearly two years ago — has been judging other Christians.

It has been a real struggle — I am not pleased with myself. The church is the world.

None of us are wholely sanctified. Only Jesus could say that.

I do not consider myself to be extremely spiritual, I am a Christian, raised Catholic- but have since found a lot of issues with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I have not been able to find a church that feels like home to me since moving from Michigan to SC in February of I have grown in my relationship with God since moving here as I have had to put all of my faith in him, moving so far away from all those that I loved, all that I knew and was comfortable with and start over with nothing.

Maturing in faith means not just asking God for favors, pope says

I was saved in after the birth of my daughter and began my journey to healing. I was convinced that I was mentally ill after many attempts between the ages of to take my own life. I felt trapped by my abuser with no way out and that was the problem- I was isolated from the rest of the world or anyone that could actually help me.

I gave it to God. I live where my abusers live… crazy as that sounds, but I forgave them.

Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God Maturing with God
Maturing with God

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