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Physics got into the habit of not using the disapproved of and defamed term 'ether' for this distance effect in vacuum; it has put in its place the term 'field' f. In this vacuum or field, matter and energy are interchangeable and basically the same. The ethereal substance is, therefore, the cause since light, heat and electricity appear from it. It is also the effect, for as vibrations take place in it, they become visible. For instance, light is a vibration occurring in the ethereal substance. It could thus also be described as a medium between the spiritual realm and our material universe.

It acts as an active agent because force fields are created in it that give form and shape to matter. Additionally, ether is at the same time the recipient of these forces, because this matter, as explained above, is in turn nothing but an expression of strong fields of "ethereal power" or energy.

The Glory of God and Quantum Physics Part 1

Now this specific substance and this specific form were created simultaneously although the general substance was created before the specific form. It is clear that, before the existence of this specific form and shape, the ink had an external existence which had no specific form or shape and had the ability and potential to assume the shape of any letter or word and was not restricted or specified to a particular shape or form.

Similarly, the general shape and form had an existence before substance specified them since before being specified by substance which is ink or pencil-lead the general shape and form of letters and words had a mental existence in the mind of the writer. Moreover, general form and general substance were also created simultaneously. For it is not possible for a thing to have an external existence and not to be formed into a shape because substance and primal matter in order to exist need shape and form; while shape and form in order to appear need substance.

He is therefore not necessarily saying in these cases that human beings have always physically lived and existed on earth, but that God had always planned to create them and therefore an eternal archetype of human beings had always been pre- existent in the Logos. Love is an outpour[ing] from God, and is pure spirit.

It is one aspect of the Logos, the Holy Spirit. It is the immediate cause of the laws which govern nature, the endless verities of nature which science has uncovered. In brief, it is Divine Law and a Manifestation of God. This Manifestation of God is active, creative, spiritual. It reflects the positive aspect of God.

Quantum Diaries

There is another Manifestation of God which is characterized by passivity, quiescence, inactivity. In itself it is without creative power. It reflects the negative aspect of God. This Manifestation is matter. Matter, reflecting the negative aspect of God, is self-existent, eternal, and fills all space.

Spirit, flowing out from God, permeates all matter. This spirit, Love, reflecting the positive and active aspect of God, impresses its nature upon the atoms and elements.

Stephen Hawking's final theory sheds light on the multiverse

By its power they are attracted to each other under certain ordered relations, and thus, uniting and continuing to unite, give birth to worlds and systems of worlds. The same laws working under developed conditions bring into existence living beings. Spirit is the life of the form, and the form is shaped by the spirit. The evolution of life and form proceeds hand in hand. The powers of spirit are evolved by the experiences of the form, and the plasticity of the matter of the form is developed by the activity of the spirit.

The forms or bodies of component parts, infinite in variety, which in the course of evolution spirit builds as the vehicles of its expression, are, because of the instability of matter, subject to dissolution. As they disappear, others are built following the same patterns, carrying on the characteristics of each. When in the course of evolution the stage of thought and reason has been reached, the human mind acts as a mirror reflecting the glory of God The previous quotation thus states that evolution is not an arbitrary process, but the gradual expression of spirit in matter.

This early heat was a result of the extremely high quantities of electromagnetic radiation that existed at this time and which influenced sub-atomic particles to move around enormously fast. It was thus in the truest sense a result of " the interaction between the active force i.

When the early universe later cooled down and further expanded, this heat gradually decreased. This made it possible for sub-atomic particles, that had only existed individually before, to create the first hydrogen and helium atoms, which then, billions of years later, formed clouds of gas that, due to the force of gravity, gradually become denser and denser, thus reaching the state of fluids and finally becoming solid matter. Know that the first tokens that emanated from the pre-existent Cause in the worlds of creation are the four elements: fire, air, water and earth The two natures in those elements temperature and moisture could have a number of different meanings: Temperature together with density, pressure and some other factors distinguishes the physical state matter is in.

If solid matter is gradually heated up, it first melts to become a liquid, then evaporates to form a gas and in the end is transformed into a radiant plasma in which no complete atoms, but only ions and free electrons, can exist. Therefore, temperature is definitely a "pillar", that is a distinguishing factor for the physical state of matter. Moisture, on the other hand, is extremely important for biological processes and is therefore a "pillar" for all organic matter. Then it is evident that in the beginning matter was one, and that one matter appeared in different aspects in each element.

Thus various forms were produced, and these various aspects as they were produced became permanent, and each element was specialized. But this permanence was not definite, and did not attain realization and perfect existence until after a very long time. Then these elements became composed, and organized and combined in infinite forms; or rather from the composition and combination of these elements innumerable beings appeared Some Answered Questions And furthermore:.

Then it is clear that original matter, which is in the embryonic state, and the mingled and composed elements which were its earliest forms, gradually grew and developed during many ages and cycles, passing from one shape and form to another, until they appeared in this perfection, this system, this organization and this establishment, through the supreme wisdom of God The idea that this ether could in any way be a medium through which spirit can exert an influence on matter contradicted scientific theories at the time it was formulated, because in the deterministic worldview of contemporary physicists the movement and development of all things, from the largest celestial bodies down to single atoms and even subatomic particles, was completely and fully determined by the laws of physics i.

Newton's laws of mechanics. These laws seemed to dominate nature so completely and inescapably, that the idea of any kind of spirit that can influence matter or in other words anything like a free will, which might have enabled human beings to escape from the all encompassing law of cause and effect, would have been absurd. This worldview was, however, soon to experience its almost complete extinction. According to quantum mechanics, it is, as physicists found out in the s, not only electromagnetic radiation that has a dual nature consisting of both particles and waves, but this dualism is in fact a quality that can be found everywhere in nature.

Every single particle, every atom, molecule, complex atomic structure and biological organism and also every virtual particle and force field has such a twofold nature. However, the wave function that is associated with a particle is fundamentally different to any other known types of waves e. It is a function that displays the information we can acquire about a certain particle by describing the probability of this particle having certain qualities such as velocity, position or spin.

It can therefore tell us, for example, that the probability of one particular particle being found at a certain position x is five times higher than the probability of it being at position y. In a similar way it can also tell us something about the probability of the particle having a certain velocity.

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It cannot, however, give us any exact and unambiguous information about any of these qualities. If this uncertainty is not precise enough for us, we can of course make a measurement to find out the exact position of the particle for example, but in doing so, we inevitably cause the wave function of this particle to collapse because there is no probability of the particle being anywhere else any longer , and the result of this collapse will be that it will henceforth not be possible anymore to find out what the exact velocity of that particle was at the time its position was measured.

See a Problem?

If on the other hand we want to measure the exact velocity of the particle, we will unavoidably loose the possibility of attaining any exact data about its current position. One might now want to argue that this difficulty in obtaining accurate data can only be due to a lack of more precise methods of measurement. Such an opinion was in fact held by many physicists, including Albert Einstein, in the early years of quantum physics, but it soon proved to be incorrect.

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  8. Many different experiments that have since been carried out clearly and unambiguously demonstrated that this indeterminist randomness is in fact an intrinsic part of nature. Regardless of how strange that might sound, a particle cannot simultaneously have both an exact position and an exact velocity Gell-Mann The more precisely the one is determined, the fuzzier the other one becomes.

    Free Will and the Problem of Evil

    Quantum physicists nowadays believe that a particle in fact does not have any exact and determined features, but rather exists in a hybrid state of many different, more or less probable qualities as long as no measurement is made [23]. Some even go so far as to suggest that a wave function can only collapse if it is a conscious mind that observes or measures a quantum phenomenon and that therefore even the macroscopic apparatus used to make the measurement goes into some sort of quantum limbo until a human being actually looks at it. Whatever interpretation might turn out to be more accurate, it is clear that by making the decision to determine a particles position for example we take away the possibility of the particle having had a definite velocity at the time the measurement was made.

    We will still be able to make a statement about its most probable velocity, but there will no longer be a way of determining if this guess is correct. It is this principle, called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle after its discoverer Werner Heisenberg that Paul Davis, professor of theoretical physics, is referring to when saying:. The fact that you can decide to create either an atom-at-a-place or an atom-with-a-speed confirms that, whatever its nature, your mind does, in a sense, reach into the physical world Davis By demonstrating the possibility of the existence of a mind over matter phenomenon in quantum physics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle has thus, after centuries of deterministic thinking, made it scientifically justifiable again to speculate about ways in which spirit might be able to influence matter on a quite fundamental level.

    It should be noted, however, that such phenomena have only very recently come under the scrutiny of reputable researchers and that the existing hypotheses about these matters are thus still of a rather speculative nature. The ideas and hypotheses summarized in the following sections are therefore not necessarily representative of the current thinking of a majority of scientists. We have seen above that the writings and utterances of the Central Figures of the Faith describe material forms e. On a microscopic i. According to this principle, a single particle can even go through two slits in a barrier at the same time or simultaneously be at two totally different places as long as no measurement is made that forces it to adopt one of the two or more possibilities.

    On a macroscopic level this uncertainty becomes less and less important, the greater the quantity of particles that are involved. This is due to the fact that the probability of a large group of atoms collectively behaving in a way that is already very improbable for any single one of them is extremely low. Nevertheless, quantum physics states, for example, that it is not absolutely impossible for an object of visible size to be found at a totally different place the next time someone looks at it, without anyone or anything having moved this object to its new position.

    The way in which such divine interference in the material world might take place is described thus by the physicist and mathematician Euan Squires. The first role is to make the 'choices' that are required whenever a measurement is made that selects from a quantum system one of the possible outcomes.

    Such a God would remove the indeterminacy from the world by taking upon himself those decisions that are not forced by the rules of physics. He would be very active in all aspects of the world, and would be totally omnipotent within the prescribed limits. It is interesting to note that this role might even permit 'miracles', if we were to regard these as events so highly unlikely that they would be effectively impossible without very specific, and unusual, 'divine' choice. For example, according to quantum theory, there must be a small, but non-zero, probability that if I run into a wall, then I will pass right through it.

    The second possible role for a God to play in quantum theory is more relevant to our principal topic. God might be the conscious observer who is responsible for the reduction of wavefunctions.

    A Physicist Talks God And The Quantum

    Whether, in addition, he also decides the outcome of his observations, as in the above paragraph, or whether this is left to chance is not important here. What is important is the fact that God must be selective-he must not reduce all wavefunctions automatically Squires 66 f. The elegance of such an interpretation lies in the fact that it allows God to influence the material world without having to break the natural laws by which this world is governed.

    As outer circumstances are communicated to the soul by the eyes, ears, and brain of a man, so does the soul communicate its desires and purposes through the brain to the hands and tongue of the physical body, thereby expressing itself Paris Talks It interacts with the brain through a medium called "common faculty" Some Answered Questions This faculty, which seems to be identical with or at least related to the human mind, is a partly spiritual "pre-existent" and partly physical "contingent" entity that "is connected with the brain" and controls the functioning of the human body:.

    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor
    God And The Quantum Factor God And The Quantum Factor

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