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Pistorius leaned forward and hid his face in his hands. Steenkamp said he suffered a stroke. He told the court he listened to June crying at night and speaking to Reeva. He sat on his veranda at or most mornings, smoking. That is what I think of all the time. I visualise it.

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I can see it myself. She told the court how Pistorius befriended her family after her son was born without legs. Nel told the court several schools had asked for help in sports and fitness training. She testified how Pistorius became angry and ordered her out of his cell when she came to see him during her rounds on the morning of March 1, I listened to him and he covered himself with the sheet. Mashabane was testifying in aggravation of sentencing for Pistorius after he was convicted of killing Reeva Steenkamp.

Mashabane said the request had to go through various offices for security clearance and could not be approved in two days. I need my feedback. I could do something to see him correct? I live in California. Thank you. My son is in rehab in another state. My husband and I asked his wife they are separated but not legally to allow their 5 year old to come with us to see his dad. She agreed. Does she have a legal right to refuse to let our grandson visit?

Our son is a resident in a long term rehab so he is s sober. My boyfriend and I have a complicated problem. His ex and him had a baby, but by the time he told him she was pregnant there were 2 questionable months were they had already separated so it might not be his. Other than that he is responsible and believes its probably his anyways and is willing to take care of his baby though his ex is crazy and has mental issues and is always fighting him and being mean as hell.

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He never knows what is going on with their daughter, but still tries to work with her and make the best of it. Once her sister saw me, told her, and then his ex threatened him with child support even though he buys her whatever she needs for their daughter whenever he can. I feel guilty about it. Is there anyway to avoid child support?

We got evidence that he buys stuff for their daughter and everyone we know friends and family knows that he loves their daughter and that she is trying to keep him away from her just to spite him. What can we do? We both went for it. And I remember when did the test together. I have a serious problem of my own. Me and girlfriend have been together for nearly 3 years and now she is pregnant with my child. However, we are both under aged.

I will he turning 18 shortly, and she will be turning 16 2 months after. Like actually in his life.

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Is there some way I can take this to court and get the right to have her stay so I can actually take care of and support my child instead of me having to send her money every month and only being able to see him once a month to every few months? Someone please help me out. Any advise would be helpful. If you need contact info to get a hold of me, my email is FelixRoman19 Gmail. I really need advise.

My son is 5 and I have him every Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is great! My problem is my ex-girlfriend is a habitual liar about everything and does not work with my in any situation when it comes to the raising of my son. I have resorted to getting evidence against her in hopes of getting custody. I never mind having my child and really wish I had him everyday. He is always dirty fingernails and all and she ignores my text messages when I ask when she will pick him up due to late hours. This week she told me she is having surgery when I have evidence she is going out of town the weekend and not returning til Tuesday.

As I said my son is in school and I now have to make arrangements for work and getting him to school since I live on the other side of town from where he attends. I have no money for an attorney to help me.

I am not trying to keep him from her but I really want my son. I have tried to reach out to her parents for support and she has poisoned them against me so they especially the mom will not work with me in any way. My parents are very supportive but this is my responsibility not theirs. I really need help in order to if not get full custody at least an agreement. She does not work with me at all but always manipulates to have it her way.

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On your papers from court does it state the time she has to pick up and drop off. Get evidence! If you think she may not be a good parent build your case. Not just he said she said.

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His ex wife changes her number every time he gets it, and has went as far as keeping the child from her maternal grand parents. She does send the maternal grand parents pictures, but never a return address.

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No one knows where they live… Overtime we feel we are getting closer to finding them we get knocked back steps.. Their divorce papers state that he is to have visitation, school schedule, extra curricular activity schedule, working phone number and address. To which she has ignored the last 6 years. We now have a daughter together, and since we are back on our feet would like to find out what steps to take to at least ensure he gets visitation. Okay, this is probably going to be an extremely strange question considering the subject matter but you guys seem to be knowledgable about these situations, so here goes.

My relationship with him can be characterized as volatile and emotionally draining at best. Anyways, he was on disability he has CP and was using social security in lieu of child support for about 8 years. You have rights too even if you are not With your moms permission try to get a pro bono lawyer. We live in Florida. My son and his girlfriend just had their daughter a couple weeks ago.

He has worked full time and supported her for the last couple years she has not held a job and is now also supporting their daughter. They do live together. He is on the birth certificate. Is this true? It would break his heart. That is not true.

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Fathers have rights, plus he has rights. If she takes the baby without his permission written and notarized or through court that is kidnapping. Also, she already seems unstable from what you wrote. I suggest he goes to a pro bono lawyer and get a consultation about his options.

My son is 7 years old his mom will drop him off with me and take him maybe once some times up to three nights a month so she can go out and party she has excuses like she works everyday but there are Facebook posts of her at clubs. This has been going on for over a year. My son has started telling me he wants to live with me. He then starts crying and latches on to me and she forcibly pulls him off me or away from me. He tells me he is to scared to tell his mom how she makes him feel cause she yells at him and gets him in trouble for it. He talks about his mom being a stripper and says he has learned dance moves from her stripper job and friends.

Judge said was suppost to get visitation and he had to notify his ex when he wanted to see her. He has sent her allot of letters never a reply. And cps has contacted him 4 times in 5 yrs of a case they have had. What does he need to do about seeing his daughter or has he waited to long to do anything?

I got served, went to court, got a joint custody of my daughter. Is this fair? My husband has a daughter that he has never been able to see. The mother does not let him see his daughter because of the relationship that they had in the past. It has now been 8 years and she re-married and told the little girl that another man is the father.

Father, I Must Go Father, I Must Go
Father, I Must Go Father, I Must Go
Father, I Must Go Father, I Must Go
Father, I Must Go Father, I Must Go
Father, I Must Go Father, I Must Go
Father, I Must Go Father, I Must Go

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