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The Next World Order

There is no one or no situation extraneous to the Bridegroom. There can be no one nor any situation extraneous to the Bride. I feel and live this reality: because I feel in my soul both the joy of heaven and the anguish of humanity which is one big Jesus Forsaken. Made one with Jesus Forsaken, the Church is an instrument of salvation.

The Church is not only brought by the Paschal Christ into the bosom of the Father. She is not only called to measure the range of her very being and action against the measure of the universal embrace of the Crucified Christ. As Bride and as his Spouse, she is totally one with Christ. With him and in him she is called to be an instrument of salvation. And at n. There is a great relevancy in this perspective for our time too.

If it is undoubtedly true that the sacraments of the Church transmit salvation ex opere operato, the question arises, however, about how can we reach that part of humanity — the majority — that is ignorant of the existence of or at least the meaning of the sacraments?

Metadata Principles and Practicalities

And about all those Christians who no longer come to the sacraments? And here again we have to place ourselves at the foot of the Cross. Catholic: It is the universal embrace of Jesus on the cross who in the night of abandonment united himself to every human being, in order to impress the Church with the fullest catholicity. Apostolic: It is by uniting ourselves and conforming ourselves again and again to Christ Crucified and Forsaken, that the Church can transmit the truth and gifts of salvation from generation to generation, with utter fidelity to her origins.

III, q. Dennis Swanson convinced Oprah that she could succeed by being herself; Jeff Jacobs convinced her she could run an empire. Jacobs, 52, is the little-known power behind the media queen's throne.

Brookside 10th April 2002 - part 1

He was a Chicago entertainment lawyer in when Oprah arrived at his office in flip-flops and a red AM Chicago T-shirt looking for help with a new contract. He quickly convinced her to bet on herself--that is, to establish her own company rather than be talent for hire, as most TV stars are.

April 2002

They're an odd couple, but the relationship works. Besides acting as Oprah's strategic advisor, Jacobs is her combative dealmaker. He is "a piranha--and that's a good thing for me to have," says Oprah. Says Disney's Iger, who wrangled with Jacobs over movie deal details: "I remember being put off initially, but Jeff Jacobs has one thing in mind: his client.

And he serves her very well. Still, the tension between the gut-driven chairman and the wily president is palpable.

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Jacobs told Fortune that Harpo's strategy is to "multipurpose our content" in various media. For example, Dr. Oprah embraces management-by-instinct, but the method hasn't always served her well. Over the years unhappy former employees have revealed tidbits about Harpo as a less-than-loving workplace. That suit was settled quietly two years later. Oprah has successfully intercepted revelations by insisting that everyone who works at Harpo sign an unusual lifelong confidentiality agreement.

The confidentiality agreement underscores what is both her business' greatest strength and its potential downfall: Oprah's business is Oprah. If she does something as Oprah the person that undermines the trust her customers have in Oprah the persona, her brand could quickly fizzle. It's a threat that Oprah has under tight control. Elizabeth Coady, a former senior associate producer, quit in and intended to write a book about her experiences at Harpo.

Church Communion and Evangelisation

Coady calls Harpo, where she worked for more than four years, a "narcissistic workplace. Harpo won't comment on these suits, but Oprah does acknowledge that in the early days she ran people ragged. She says her wake-up call came one night when an exhausted producer fell asleep inside her garage with her car motor running. Whence comes its authority? Can different metadata standards be used together in a given environment? These and related questions motivate this paper. This agreement emerged from a joint metadata taskforce meeting in Ottawa in August, By elucidating shared principles and practicalities of metadata, we hope to raise the level of understanding among our respective and shared constituents, so that all stakeholders can move forward more decisively to address their respective problems.

The ideas in this paper are divided into two categories.

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Principles are those concepts judged to be common to all domains of metadata and which might inform the design of any metadata schema or application. Practicalities are the rules of thumb, constraints, and infrastructure issues that emerge from bringing theory into practice in the form of useful and sustainable systems. The paragraphs in the Principles section set out general truths the authors believe provide a guiding framework for the development of practical solutions for semantic and machine interoperability in any domain using any set of metadata standards.

Metadata modularity is a key organizing principle for environments characterized by vastly diverse sources of content, styles of content management, and approaches to resource description.

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It allows designers of metadata schemas to create new assemblies based on established metadata schemas and benefit from observed best practice, rather than reinventing elements anew. In a modular metadata world, data elements from different schemas as well as vocabularies and other building blocks can be combined in a syntactically and semantically interoperable way. Children think nothing of mixing cowboy themes and pirate themes and undersea exploration themes. While the 'semantics' of such combinations may not always be obvious to adults, children don't seem to be bothered by such incongruities.

Similar flexibility should be achievable in the metadata architecture of the Web, allowing application designers to mix a variety of semantic modules within a common syntactic foundation, even though the designers of the modules might not have anticipated a given combination. For example, a discovery metadata module and an instructional management metadata module, expressed in a common syntactic idiom such as XML, should be able to be combined in a compound schema that embodies the functionality of each constituent.

In this way, modular sets can be assembled to meet the specific requirements of a given application, meeting domain-specific and local requirements without unduly sacrificing cross-domain interoperability. Simply put, a namespace is a formal collection of terms managed according to a policy or algorithm. Library of Congress according to rules governing the assignment of subject headings to intellectual artifacts.

Any metadata element set is a namespace bounded by the rules and conventions determined by its maintenance agency. The technicalities of declaring and managing namespaces in an XML environment are beyond the present discussion, but the idea is a critical part of the infrastructure necessary for deploying modular metadata systems on the Web.

Namespace declarations allow the metadata schema designer to define the context for a particular term, thereby assuring that the term has a unique definition within the bounds of the declared namespace. Thus, the declaration of various namespaces within a block of metadata allows the elements within that metadata to be identified as belonging to one or another element set. Using this infrastructure, metadata system designers can select elements from suitable existing metadata element sets, taking advantage of the investment of existing communities of expertise, and thereby avoid reinventing well-established metadata sets for each new deployment domain.

Metadata systems must allow for extensions so that particular needs of a given application can be accommodated. Some metadata elements are likely to be found in most metadata schemas the concept of creator or identifier of an information resource, for example. Others will be specific to particular applications or domains degree of cloud cover, for example, in remote sensing data. Metadata architectures must easily accommodate the notion of a base schema with additional elements that tailor a given application to local needs or domain-specific needs without unduly compromising the interoperability provided by the base schema. Another application encountering such extensions should be able to ignore such extensions while making use of any elements understood by both. Application domains will differ according to the degree of detail that is necessary or desirable.

The design of metadata standards should allow schema designers to choose a level of detail appropriate to a given application. Populating databases with metadata is costly, so there are strong economic incentives to create metadata with sufficient detail to meet the functional requirements of an application, but not more.

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    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002
    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002
    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002
    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002
    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002
    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002
    Being One Magazine April 2002 Being One Magazine April 2002

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